Project Description
DevLib is a collection of highly reusable code and components. DevLib was initially designed through a lot of projects that I've worked on. Over time I accumulated a number of classes to handle various tasks and continue to add a number of items in my spare time. The library is written in C# and most of them support from .Net 2.0 to the latest .Net version.

Microsoft .Net Framework provides a number of built in classes and functions to help make a programmer's life easier, but in fact, they didn't think of everything. DevLib tries to fill in some of those gaps. It comes with a couple hundred extension methods, built in data types, components such as Logging system, etc. When you add it all up, DevLib is one of the largest set of utilities for .Net out there. It is time to boost your productivity.

Assembly minimum support .Net Description Documentation
DevLib.AddIn v2.0 load and run objects in isolated process coming soon
DevLib.Compression v2.0 zip/unzip files yes
DevLib.Configuration v2.0 deal with ini/xml/config configuration file coming soon
DevLib.Csv v2.0 deal with csv file and data yes
DevLib.DaemonProcess v2.0 prevent process been killed coming soon
DevLib.Data v2.0 DbHelper; repository; coming soon
DevLib.DesignPatterns v2.0 design patterns implementation yes
DevLib.Diagnostics v2.0 benchmark; retry; diagnostics tools yes
DevLib.DirectoryServices v2.0 Ldap/Active Directory coming soon
DevLib.Drawing v2.0 drawing/color/graphic related coming soon
DevLib.Dynamic v4.0 dynamic feature for xml/json yes
DevLib.Expressions v4.0 more feature for Expressions yes
DevLib.ExtensionMethods v3.5 extension methods for .Net Framework coming soon
DevLib.Input v2.0 keyboard/mouse input yes
DevLib.IO v2.0 IO related like: serial port yes
DevLib.Ioc v2.0 inversion of control/container yes
DevLib.Logging v2.0 logging system Yes
DevLib.Logging.Viewer v2.0 Graphical viewer application for log files coming soon
DevLib.Management v2.0 WMI related coming soon
DevLib.Metadata v4.0 Metadata coming soon
DevLib.ModernUI v2.0 ModernUI style WinForms/UserControls coming soon
DevLib.Net v2.0 network related like: ftp/async socket coming soon
DevLib.Parameters v2.0 parse command line arguments coming soon
DevLib.Reflection v2.0 reflection related coming soon
DevLib.Remoting v2.0 .net remoting related yes
DevLib.Serialization v2.0 serialization/deserialization coming soon
DevLib.ServiceModel v3.5 wcf service host; wcf client proxy yes
DevLib.ServiceModel.Extensions v4.0 extension features for wcf coming soon
DevLib.ServiceProcess v2.0 windows service related yes
DevLib.TerminalServices v2.0 terminal session related coming soon
DevLib.Text v2.0 text/string related coming soon
DevLib.Threading v2.0 threading related coming soon
DevLib.Timers v2.0 more feature for timer coming soon
DevLib.Web v2.0 web related coming soon
DevLib.Web.Hosting.WebHost20 v2.0 website/asp.net/web service hosting coming soon
DevLib.Web.Hosting.WebHost40 v4.0 website/asp.net/web service hosting coming soon
DevLib.WinForms v3.5 win form related coming soon
DevLib.Xml v2.0 more feature for xml yes

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